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One of the more popular cosmetic procedures CaliforniaDental Solutions offers to our patients is the dental implant. However, some patients are curious about the details of receiving dental implants. Below are the details of what goes into an implant and what the steps for receiving implants are.

The Parts of an Implant

Dental implants are made of three distinct parts.

The first part to be incorporated into the dentition is the dental implant post. The strength and longevity of the implant is determined by how secure the implant post is. Upon being surgically placed into the jaw, the post permanently attaches itself into the jawbone over time and becomes an artificial root for the rest of the implant. This is possible because the post is made of titanium, which fuses into bone.

Once the site of the placement surgery is healed, the dental implant abutment is then added to the post. The abutment is a connective piece that allows the implant post to support the final restoration. Abutments can be added to the top of the post as described, but some implant posts have abutments already built into them.

Lastly, the dental implant restoration is attached to the implant post by way of the abutment. In terms of intended function, the restorations serve as a replacement teeth the same way that their traditional counterparts would: crowns help restore a single tooth, bridges replace multiple missing teeth in a row, and dentures can replace up to a full arch of missing teeth.

The difference, however, is that the implant-supported restorations have the artificial teeth roots on which to rely. This makes them stronger and longer-lasting than traditional restorations, as traditional restorations often wear down the teeth and jawbone density that support them.

Placement Vs. Restoration

Depending on the oral health professional you are going to for your dental implants, you may see that doctor offer “dental implant placement,” “dental implant restoration,” or both.

Placement is the specific act of installing the implant posts into the jaw. This is the first and most important step to placing a complete dental implant. A specialist such as an oral surgeon is often who places the implant, but some oral health professionals like our Escondido dentist have taken additional training to provide the procedure as well.

Dental implant restoration is the act of adding the abutment—if not already included with the implant—and the crown or other restoration to the dental implant. These restorations are fabricated to fit your new smile based on the amount of teeth which need to be replaced and the number of implants are placed.

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Dr. Patricia Patino provides many options to meet patients’ orthodontic needs: traditional metal braces, ceramic bracket braces, and clear aligners. Each option has different benefits; knowing the advantages of each will help you receive the best treatment for your needs.

Traditional braces

Traditional metal braces are the most common orthodontic treatment available. Metallic brackets are cemented onto the teeth and connected to each other by a wire. The pressure applied forces teeth to slowly shift, until they are realigned into a straighter, more comfortable smile. Once teeth are in their final position, a retainer is worn to keep teeth in place, until they have completely settled into their new alignment. From beginning to end, traditional braces can require over two years, depending on patient’s needs.

Metal braces tend to be the most successful orthodontic treatment and are the one of the most predictable ways to effectively resolve severe cases of teeth misalignment. However, some patients find metal braces bulky, noticeable, and uncomfortable. It is also harder to maintain an effective hygiene routine when wearing metal braces, as they must be cleaned around.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a popular cosmetic alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign® is the most well-known brand for this type of orthodontic treatment, but Dr. Patino also offers ClearCorrect® as well. These aligners gently shift teeth into place over a period of time.

Clear aligners have several advantages over traditional braces: they are removable for easier hygiene and a less restrictive diet; they are thin enough to be worn comfortably; they are clear and therefore difficult to notice. Invisalign® and ClearCorrect® are great at treating mild and some moderate teeth alignment cases, but may not necessarily be recommended for more complex cases.

Ceramic Bracket Braces

Ceramic brackets braces are an option for patients who would like the benefits of both metal braces and clear alignment trays. This treatment is the same as traditional orthodontics except that the brackets are made of dental ceramic, which mimics the color of natural teeth.

Ceramic brackets mix the proven techniques of metal braces with greater discretion than metal can provide. These braces do not stand out as much as metal, but are not removable, like clear aligning trays.

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Dr. Patricia Patino of California Dental Solutions is happy to provide various cosmetic dental procedures for her patients. Cosmetic dentistry sometimes is misaligned for being only about the aesthetics of a tooth. However, many procedures which are considered cosmetic also have more direct benefits to a patient’s oral health.

Porcelain Crowns

One of the services our Escondido dentist provides is porcelain crowns made by a CEREC machine, allowing patients to have a new restoration in a single visit. With porcelain-based restorations they are made of a material that matches the color and texture of a tooth, as opposed to traditional metal crowns, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing restoration.

Porcelain crowns are still a restorative dental procedure for they possess a strength similar to that of the natural tooth. Certain conditions, such as teeth grinding at night, could necessitate a metal dental restoration instead of a porcelain one. Under most circumstances, and so long as a proper hygiene routine is maintained, a porcelain crown will be able to properly protect the tooth it covers for decades.

Dental Implants

Dr. Patino also provides the guided placement and restoration of dental implants. Dental implants not only return the function of your smile, but look like your natural teeth as well. Affixed with a dental restoration, they are considered a cosmetic procedure due to materials that reflect the aesthetics of your natural smile.

However, dental implants serve an important function to protecting the health of the jaw. When teeth are lost, the jaw bone no longer has anything to support and begins to shrink in size. This shrinkage causes the jawbone to become less supportive for other teeth, which are also overburdened by the missing tooth’s absence. The result of missing one tooth could be the loss of other teeth, a difficult time chewing and speaking, and other problems. By receiving a dental implant, you are giving the jawbone a new tooth to support, thereby preventing these dental issues.

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